More Staff

Secure dedicated staff that are easily identifiable

There are staff about, but it never seems enough, and there never seems to be someone around when you want them.  We want to secure dedicated staff that are easily identifiable and based on the common all the time.  If people see staff around they may be less likely to break the rules. Since the loss of the park rangers the only people regularly on the common are council staff emptying the bins, however these seem to be cut every year and are often redirected to other duties.  

Based on the common

Having people based on the common permanently should help with anti-social behaviour, and give people a feeling the space being watched.  There would be more staff about in the summer months, and less in the winter, and you would always be able to easily identify them, and know that they will be happy to talk to you.

Our New Staff 

We have been hiring staff in early 2015, and already have a team of four staff including an apprentice.  They are based in the Rookery, and are easily visible with SCCoop logos on their uniforms.  We are looking to adding more staff to our team as we take on more services.  Please talk to them when you see them, they will be happy to talk to you.

The Money