Lambeth agrees to SCCoop

We are very excited to announce that on 9th December the cabinet agreed in principle to establish a local co-operative to manage the Common, Rookery and memorial gardens with profits being reinvested back into the common.  
This means that we can now work with the council to take our proposals forward into a workable plan.  We are proposing that we start by taking over management of the Rookery in October 2014.  We think that it is sensible to start with a smaller, although important, part of the area first.  The time of year will mean that we can get up to speed and hire the staff while the workload is relatively low during the winter months.
The rest of the common would continue to be managed as now until the current contract with Veolia ends in 2016.  If things go to plan we would take on management of the rest of the common at that time.
There are still many hurdles, not least agreeing the budget we need with Lambeth, and formally establishing the co-operative with the size of membership we need to ensure we are accountable and representative.  We will be holding a launch event in the spring, so look out for your invitation in the next few weeks.