Playground Update

Playground Update 2017

We are delighted that the new playground is now open at the bottom of the common.

The playground was opened by the Mayor of Lambeth, Marcia Cameron on Saturday 16th December 2017.

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Planning permission for a small kiosk next to the playground to serve drinks and snacks has now been applied for. 

The refurbished building will provide a kiosk overlooking the playground, new office space for grounds maintenance staff and storage.  Posters about this will be put up by the playground next year.


Playground Update 2016

For those that follow the playground re-development, there has been some significant progress over the last few weeks, the money is in the right place and we now have the project schedule from Lambeth.

So assuming the appointment of the consultants who will deliver the project goes ahead on schedule, the design should be completed by this Christmas. Work will start in March 2017, and be completed a few months later.

Community engagement about the design will follow the appointment of the consultants and will be based on the design that was presented and supported at previous public meetings.

The scheme has now been split into two phases, the first is the new playground which could include refurbished toilets and a new kiosk style cafe if the money stretches that far.

The community room and changing room part of the plans have been pushed to a separate feasibility team which will report back in due course. We need to check that income from the scheme can support the building upkeep and provide future revenue.

We'll update you more once we know the consultants have been appointed and the schedule becomes more detailed.

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