Services Start in the Rookery

We're up at the Rookery now, so please pop-in and say hello. In the meantime  here's an update of some of the things we are working on.

Successful AGM

SCCoop would like to thanks all of our members who attended our 1st AGM held at the Hideaway. Over 60 members attended which was a fabulous show of support and commitment, thanks to you all. A key part of the meeting was to elect the SCCoop Directors. The successful candidates are Nick Cattermole, Georgina Worrall, Richard Payne, John Ditchfield, Charlie Mitchell and new Director Alex Watt. The elected Directors are joined by representatives of the community Maggie Charnley (Streatham Common Community Garden), Tracey Williamson (Friends of Streatham Common), Councillor Danny Adilypour and our new Lambeth council representative Donna Wiggins.

SCCoop manager, Dom Leary, gave an overview of SCCoops Phase 1 delivery plan for the Rookery. Included in this presentation were the plans for recruiting an apprentice gardener from Capel Manor college, developing a composting project with Lambeth Mencap and working with L’Arche on a project to grow plants for sale and use within the Rookery. Even the possibility to develop an Eco – bar venue at the Rookery was discussed.

The final part of the evening gave members the opportunity to discuss the themes of environmental sustainability, volunteering, fundraising, partnership working and events. A great deal of ideas were generated which will feed into SCCoop’s future planning. All the results of these sessions have been recorded and are being explored with the SCCoop staff and Directors. A full update will be given in a later newsletter.

Grow Beer

Interested in growing beer? Of course you are! Grow Beer are an umbrella organisation supporting local communities to grow their own hops which are then brewed by a local brewer for the community to enjoy. There are several local groups already brewing their own beer such as the Palace Pint in Crystal Palace, Brixton Beer and the Hackney Brewery.  Grow Beer website here

SCCoop will order the hop tubers (a bit like bulbs) which will be ready for delivery around March 17th. We will then give you some advice on how to grow your hop plant, then you take it away and grow it at home in your garden. At the end of the growing season, the hops from all members are gathered together and brewed into a delicious local beer!

Sound good? In the first instance please indicate your interest by dropping me an email. Starter hop packs are likely to be around £20 per household. SCCoop are happy to support this project, but if you are interested in taking the lead and perhaps co-ordinating this project, then do let me know.

[email protected]

Want to get more involved with SCCoop?

We are planning some of our summer activities to hold in the Rookery this year. We hope to offer you a range of events including theatre performances, live music and perhaps some pop-up film screenings. It would be great if anyone would be interested in volunteering for these activities. We could use stewards, help set-up or even people to run a bar at some of these events. The extra funds raised will all go towards helping SCCoop deliver even more social events. We’re a friendly bunch and would love to get to know you better. If you’re interested, drop Dominic Leary an email at the address above.

Lambeth Capital Investment Programme - £1 million for Streatham Common

Lambeth’s £9 million capital investment programme for the Borough’s parks was formally agreed at a cabinet meeting on 12th January. SCCoop Director, Richard Payne was invited to speak at this meeting outlining the benefit this investment will bring to the community. This means that £1million Streatham Common has been allocated to develop the playground is secure. SCCoop are planning to play a key role with other local groups and Lambeth council to manage the delivery of this fantastic investment into the Common.

Lambeth Cultural Services by 2020

Lambeth have published a consultation on how they might deliver cultural services by 2020. Cultural services include libraries, museums, sports, the arts and of course parks. The consultation can be found here. In the face of large budget reductions, Lambeth welcome your views and ideas on how they can achieve this, so please let them know what you think.

Of course the budget reductions present a challenging environment for all parks. However the SCCoop model is one of the leading examples of how we can look after these valuable community assets. We’re confident that we can continue to deliver an excellent service at the Rookery. Our team now consists of Head Gardener / Manager Dom Leary, Nicholas Mawbey the assistant Head Gardener has now started with us, we are recruiting for a Part Time Groundsperson and our apprentice will be joining us within a couple of months. We’re really looking forward to what we can achieve with your support