Save Our Paddling Pool

Help keep the paddling pool open for Summer 2017!

We need your help to raise funds to keep the paddling pool open for Summer 2017.

Its now even easier for you to donate.

From your mobile phone just text POOL17 £5 (£10 max donation per text. To donate more, send another text) to 70070

Your donation goes to the Friends of Streatham Common (Registered Charity: 1166961) which along with gift aid, boosts the funding available to SCCoop to manage the paddling pool.

With your support, we can keep our paddling pool open throughout this summer season,
and hopefully many more summers to come!

Following 50% cuts to parks budgets in April 2016, Lambeth Council was going to close Streatham Common’s very popular Paddling Pool.  

Last year you donated over £7000 to keep the pool open. With a generous donation from the Horseman Trust we were able to take on the management of the pool and open it as usual. Not only did you raise the funds but 15 local people spent over 90 hours repainting it. SCCoop increased staffing to maintain the pool and Lambeth agreed to pay the utility bills which will happen again this year.

We learnt a great deal last year, the ins and outs of managing a paddling pool, not as straightforward as you might think! SCCoop staff attended training - developing an appropriate risk assessment and how to actually work the machinery. We were supported by a family business, The National Pool Company, who were always on hand should any problems develop. At the end of last season the pump was removed and safely stored over winter and given a thorough refurbishment.

The pool is 780m²​ so it takes a lot of cleaning. This is most effectively done with a stiff broom and a hosepipe and can take around 4 hours. So while we aim to open at noon on cleaning days, please bear with us if it takes a little longer - it's for your benefit.

The biggest issue we have is litter! We had to pay a staff member an additional £2400 in overtime to deal with the rubbish that was created on busy days. The council have promised us a larger bin this year but the best way to get more value from your hard earned fundraising is to take your litter home!

So, thankyou for your donation and we look forward to seeing you in the summer!




The Streatham Common Co-operative is a new community run social enterprise managing Streatham Rookery. Many people know us as 'SCCoop'. We were the first community group in Lambeth to take over direct responsibility for a Lambeth Park.

Streatham Common’s Paddling Pool was built in 1938. It is located near the car park. There are picnic tables on the grassy area around the pool, which is enclosed and accessible through a gate, which makes it a safer area for very young children. It is free to use and very popular on sunny days for families with young children.

With your support, we can keep this valuable community facility open for everyone.