Streatham Common


Only by having a large number of supporters representing all users of Streatham Common and the Rookery Gardens can we demonstrate the support we need.

Who are we?

We are the Streatham Common Co-operative; a community run social enterprise managing all services from gardening to litter picking in the Streatham Rookery since 2015. Many of you know us as 'SCCoop'. Currently, we are the only community group with direct responsibility for managing a Lambeth Park. In 2016, we took over the Paddling Pool on Streatham Common saving it from closure, and in 2017 started regular conservation work in the Streatham Common Local Nature Reserve. In 2018 we started work to restore the cascade co-funded by money SCCoop has raised from the community, the HLF and Lambeth.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) UPDATE

We have been asked by the police to close the gardens until further notice to better protect the public from COVID-19 infection. We have tried to keep the Rookery open for as long as possible as we know how much they are loved by the community, but the intimate nature of the gardens has resulted in social distancing not being followed. This was not a decision that was taken lightly so I hope you understand.

Our team will continue to work to maintain the gardens and ensure they are kept at their best until we reopen. Please respect them as they do their work.

Please follow us on Twitter and Instagram @sccoopstreatham for updates from the Rookery. Thank you.

Why are we different?

By removing layers of management and being directly accountable to the local community, SCCoop is more efficient and responsive to local needs than traditional ways of running parks. All profits are put back into services on the Common and Rookery. In 2016, parks budgets were slashed by 50%, so our fund-raising activities are even more vital to maintain and improve services.

We use the income and assets that come with managing a public park to provide services that go beyond just grounds maintenance to benefit the community at large including the disadvantaged, young and elderly. Our objective is to enhance this resource to benefit all segments of the Streatham community.

Our long-term vision is to have a dedicated manager for the Common and the Rookery with dedicated staff that are easily identifiable and always based on the Common. We want to do a better job, getting better value for money with more motivated staff than either a council led service or by outsourcing to private companies. We want to create partnerships with the community and local businesses which can be of mutual benefit.

We can do this by providing direct accountability to the community (we are owned by the community), attracting volunteers and alternative sources of funding, being entrepreneurial, taking away the big company profit motive and having the flexibility to avoid borough-wide contracts that often don't represent value for money locally.

Why not buy a share and join us or sign up to get involved and volunteer?

Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) the market has been suspended.

Please join us between 9.30am and 2.30pm on the third Saturday of the month for The Rookery Farmers Market, which raises money to help support the Rookery Gardens.

If you are interested in having a stall, please email us at