23/06/2022 - The Pool opened at the end of May 2022 as planned, but unfortunately we cannot open the pool from today until essential repairs are done. A visit from the maintenance company today was unable to repair a leak in the pipework, so we need to find a specialist who can rethread some very old iron, which is preventing us from operating the pump. We are awaiting a quote, and will update when we have more information.

We will also consider the possibility of opening on specific days when the forecast is good, filling the pool and draining daily, if the repair is uneconomic.

On 15/6/22 the grate covering the drain in the centre became loose, so we had to close and drain the pool. The repair has been made and the pool is now filling. Levels will be low until tomorrow.

We need to raise another £4,000 and any additional repairs this season to run the pool. If you can help us raise the funds please contact us!

If you want to help us, you can donate here using PayPal or a Credit Card.

last updated 23/06/2022

The Pool will be open every day from 10am to 6pm except Mondays and Fridays when the pool opens at 11am. This is to allow extra time for cleaning.

Occasionally the pool needs to be closed at short notice for cleaning (glass or water contamination the usual cause), so please accept our apologies if it's not open when you arrive.

Please note the pool is unsupervised, you are responsible for your children and their safety.

2021: Last season we ran a very successful crowdfunder which enabled us to get the pool open again.

The fundraiser is now closed. We have £4,000 to raise in 2022.

We rely on your donations, volunteers and a small staff team to run the pool.

Please help us open the pool in 2021

From 2021:

Last year we were we were unable to open the paddling pool, as there was too much uncertainty around Coronavirus last March when the decision was needed. This year should be different. In 2016 Lambeth Council stopped funding Streatham Common's paddling pool and now we rely on your donations, volunteers and a small staff team to run the pool.

This year has unfortunately started in a familiar pattern, however things are looking better now! With the government roadmap and the experience of last year, we now have a lot more certainty it should be possible to open the pool this year. This is great news.

In 2016 the popular Paddling Pool would have closed without funding from The John Horseman Trust and your support. Since then we've raised a further £15,000 locally to run the Paddling Pool and keep it open.

We're starting the work now to get the required services and plans in place - these are:

  • Commissioning the installation of the pump

  • Ordering the paint, and asking for volunteers to help paint the pool

  • Hiring the staff to clean the pool and pick up the litter - and this year we're planning more staff hours as the litter got somewhat out of hand in 2019 despite our pleas for people to take their litter home with them

  • Ongoing Water testing and chlorination

  • Putting in place call out services - e.g. drain clearance - we've had a lot of problems with the drains!

  • Insurance and other administration.

Our costs to open the pool for the season are working out at £9,000 and we've also found out there's a problem with the drainage costing £1000 to investigate. So, keeping back a small reserve for unexpected repairs, we have around half amount from previous years fundraising that we can carry over (thanks so much for that!), so that gives us £5,000 target to raise this year.

Please donate at https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/save-streatham-common-paddling-pool-2021

If you think you could do something to help reopen the paddling pool, can help us source additional funding, or if you have any other questions – please email: comments@sccoop.org.uk

Thank you

The Streatham Common Co-operative